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How to fix a broken rear fender on AOVO scooter

how to fix a broken rear mudguard on aovo pro scooter

A broken rear mudguard fender on your AOVO pro scooter can easily be resolved by the user using the opening tool kit, the replacement part and a bit time. Here, we will outline a few simple steps you can follow to resolve this issue.

Tools & Parts Required:


  • Switch off the AOVO electric scooter
  • Disassembly the broken rear fender from the base by removing the 3 plugs and using opening tool.
  • Disconnect the connecting cable for the rear lights and unscrew the light from the fender. The cable connector is sealed and needs to be re-opened for this operation.
  • Install the rear light into your new fender and connect the cable.
  • Install the new rear fender mudguard into the base and re-insert the rubber plugs.
  • Job done.